Aim and Objectives


FERTICHAR aims to use nutrients-enriched biochars/hydrochars nutrients-enriched biochars/hydrochars produced from olive mill wastes as fertilizers in agriculture for the improvement of the productivity of agricultural systems and their sustainability, Protection of natural resources and the environment and contribution to the economic and social development, preservation of carbon stocks in soils and improvement of the efficiency of input uses such as fertilizers and pesticides.

The specific objectives are:

  1. to assess the benefits of using two produced nutrients-enriched chars in the improvement of olive trees and other high-economical-added-value crops productivity,
  2. to determine the ability of these chars in removing organic molecules that could be contained in the irrigation water (pesticides),
  3. to permit the exchange and mobility of researchers and students from South to North and
  4. to implement specific convivial actions and tools for the dissemination and communication of the main project outputs to the concerned stakeholders and scientists.
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